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Serwis SE.pl

Editorial Office
10 Jubilerska Street
00-939 Warsaw
Phone (022) 515 92 74
Fax (022) 515 90 10
e-mail: internet@se.pl

Editor in Chief
Agnieszka Starewicz-Jaworska
e-mail: agnieszka_starewicz@se.pl

Advertising Office

IDMnet Regional Sales Department - media house and advertising agency services
Phone (022) 211 33 88
e-mail: agencja@idment.pl

Direct Sales Department - direct client services
tel. (022) 211 33 77
e-mail: sprzedaz@idmnet.pl

Agata Brzozowska
Phone (022) 59 05 177
e-mail: abrzozowska@murator.com.pl

About the website

  • Se.pl is a regularly updated portal, where news are prepared by journalists from both online and hardcopy departments of Super Express daily.
  • Besides standard information from Poland and abroad, readers can find there features on entertainment, star gossip and even crime stories.
  • The extended sports column draws not only football fans but also people interested in other disciplines. Auto-moto and Technologies are the portal's strong points. The sections contain reports and visual content from car and electronic equipment tests.
  • The website also offers guides to interior design, fashion,  beauty, health and news from the world of cosmetics, as well as competitions.  Men can find information about military accessories and survival, fashionable gadgets, and hints about what women really need.
  • Se.pl is not only about information, but also pictures and videos. The Portal includes videos from entertainment events, car tests, video clips, trailers of TV shows and movies as well as picture galleries.
  • Se.pl Web page stimulates its users. They can comment and review articles, express their opinions at forums and take part in numerous polls. Thanks to cooperation with Eska Radio, Internet users will find information and video clips, they can also vote for the charts. Videos from the "Poranny WF" show hosted by Kuba Wojewódzki and Michał Figurski are also available.
  • Se.pl is one of the first newspaper web pages in Poland (it was established in 1995). The website allows searching for newspaper's published content back to 1995.

Visit frequency and unique users

  • Number of unique users per month - 2 968 059*
  • Number of page views per month - 25 000 383*

*Gemis Traffic, October 2013

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